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Our services respect the First Valet Services Conciergerie quality chart

Valet parking and driver service

Valet parking service

Do you require a valet parking service for your establishment or for a special event?

First Valet Services is your best asset!

We operate in many prestige establishments in the Ile-de-France region, in particular restaurants, hotels or businesses. Our parking valets are always courteous and smiling. They are committed to respecting your requirements, right down to the slightest detail.
We handle other events, such as weddings, bar mitzvah, special events and many others.

Our service is suitable for driving luxury vehicles. Our valets are trained to satisfy your expectations and those of your foreign customers. All of our valets speak several languages.

Driver service

Do you require a driver for occasional or regular journeys, using your own vehicle or another of your choice?

First Valet Services is your best asset!

Our drivers are trained to drive luxury vehicles and are available 7 days a week to respond to the demands of your schedule.

Our professionally trained staff are perfectly familiar with Paris and its suburbs and will take you to your appointment or your residence in the shortest possible time.

If necessary, we also take your vehicle from one place to another in France and throughout Europe.

First Valet Services transforms your journeys into stress-free times of relaxation!

Company concierge services

Do you require concierge services to protect you from the worries of daily life and to organize your business events?

First Valet Services is your best asset!

To ensure that your employees are as productive as possible, we offer all of your colleagues quality services to help them to reduce their daily workloads.

From laundry to flower delivery services and from finding a baby sitter to gardening, our team is committed to meeting all of your expectations as quickly as possible.

We also organize all your professional events. From meeting your employees or foreign customers at the airport to organizing your next seminar or congress, First Valet Services offers you a broad range of services to make your life run smoothly on a daily basis!

FVS is here to serve your company and free up some leisure time for you!

Car washing service

Is your car dirty, outside and inside? Do you not have enough time to get to the nearest service station to give your car a roller wash (with often disappointing results) ?

First Valet Services is your best asset!

We provide the best quality service, collecting your vehicle wherever you wish us to. At your place of work, from your home or wherever best suits you, one of our car washers collects the vehicle and undertakes to return it as good as new!

Our team is ready to clean your car from the inside out, from polishing your wheel rims to vacuuming and cleaning your seats, 7 days a week.

To ensure that driving your vehicle is a pleasant, stress-free experience every day, we also service it and do any necessary repairs, as well as refilling the fuel tank.

With FVS, just concentrate on enjoying your driving!

Daily services

Do you need someone whom you can trust to make your life easier every day?

First Valet Services is your best asset!

Our top-of-the-range services are designed to make life easy and enjoyable for you, right down to the slightest detail.

Our concierges, who are available at any time to meet your needs, then become your dedicated personal assistant in order to provide you with impeccable service.

From collecting your parcel to organizing your next stay abroad, taking on your domestic tasks or preparing your next social dinner, we are here to satisfy your requirements.

We are therefore available 7 days a week and will take the greatest care to ensure that your constraints become ours.

FVS, making life easy every day!

Management of your residences

Do you own one or more residences? Do you need a trustworthy person to manage them?

First Valet Services is your best asset!

A single contact to take care of your residence, providing peace of mind and quality management services to keep life simple for you.
You are then free to get the full benefit from your properties, without having to worry about anything.

From collecting your mail to renting out your residence, renovating your home and organizing outside repairs, we manage every aspect during your absence.
We offer customized support to satisfy all of your needs and requirements.

FVS for stress-free management of your residence!